Eagle Crow Offers

Craniosacral Work

VCSW® uses a light touch with your body's craniosacral system to restore its natural flow and rhythm.

Myofascial Release

JFB-MFR uses gentle, sustained pressure into your body's soft-tissue restrictions for lasting pain relief.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing invites your ancestors and sources of power into the healing and awakening process.

Web-based Healing

Convex or concave, sacred mirrors are implemented on the web for your physical and spiritual well-being.


Conscious dreaming to past, present, and future events helps you find your way home in the present moment.

Sacred Tongue

The Language of Healing, with all of its intricacies, is always weaving online for your use in waking life.

Awaken to a Dream Within Yourself

  • 1. Learn About Ryan

    Learn more about Ryan and what brought him to this path of awakening and dreaming.

  • 2. Connect with Spirit

    Connect with your Higher Self, ask for guidance, and then clarify your intentions while deciding to visit Ryan.

  • 3. Dreaming and Sleep

    Explore the fluid awareness of your awakened consciousness from a place of deep sleep.

  • 4. Bridge Your Dream

    When ready, manifest your dream into waking reality and for the benefit of yourself and others.

    Empathetic, Awake & Insightful.

    An Experienced Bodywork Professional that's Well-Versed in the Visual and Healing Arts.

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    Ryan Michael
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