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About Ryan Michael

Ryan Michael has been practicing shamanism since 1998 with a subsequent introduction to Zen Buddhism beginning in 2002.  Since then he has blended the roots of indigenous practices from around the world, with that of an inherent American Dharma.  The work Ryan offers spans the course of core shamanism to, and including, an intuitive approach to bodywork, healing, and enlightenment.

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Ryan served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1994 - 1998 when he was assigned with protecting U.S. diplomatic missions abroad.  It's from here, as a young Marine, where he was exposed to the diversity of the world in which we live.  After completing his active duty service, Ryan continued his professional self-inquiry with undergraduate studies in Fine Arts at Kent State University, located in Kent, Ohio.

Hearing the call to heal, he later returned to school in 2004 to study massage therapy and learn alternative forms of bodywork.  It's from this place of reason where the modern healer can apply their intentional touch with the knowledge learned from Western-based medicine.  Topics of interest include anatomy, kinesiology, pathology, biological processes, and contraindications thereof.  Upon his successful completion of Ohio's State Medical Board exam in 2005, Ryan worked in the Columbus, Ohio region, well into 2008.

Continuing his work with Spirit, beginning in 2008, Ryan began developing a series of web-based mirrors that provide the backdrop to his creative portfolio.  Working with clients online, and in-person, these mirrors provide direct insight towards our own reflections.  Spanning across multiple dimensions, and realities, including that of Spirit, these flexible mirrors provide an excellent starting point for more extensive shamanic work.  Beginning with darkness and moving towards a translucent light, these mirrors, when combined with Spirit, will help align your inner selves with that of the waking world.