Awakening Consciousness

The Call to Heal

The Star Light of Sirius - Cosmic Mandala.
Conscious Awakening
Within each of us, there is a silent place of being.  A quiet place where the heart resides in pure silence.  Finding this quiet place is achieved by no small mistake and it can take years of practice, and conscious effort, for a person to silence their inner critic.  Silence and the befriending of the shadow self is a process that will ask of your patience, understanding, compassion, and ultimately the willingness to explore the darker aspects of yourself without causing harm in the process.  This conscious intention to cause no harm to self or others must be undertaken at the beginning of this transformative cycle and upheld and then reinforced throughout a person's lifetime.

Somatic Awakening

To wake up within your body, and one that is full of imperfections and uniquely your own is but one way that many of us begin to realize that the seamless union of body and mind, with its higher state of consciousness, is achievable during this lifetime.  For many of us, receiving bodywork and connecting with our spiritual allies and sources of creative and personal power, are the primary methods that we can use to connect with our inner landscapes and that will, with time and practice, lead to a stronger, yet more subtle connection with the Higher Self.  To be made aware of the spiritual and physiological realities that exist inside one's own body, and to remain with that decision and level of awareness, are always a conscious effort on the recipients' behalf and remains a choice that often spans the course of a lifetime.

Intentional Touch

Two hands touching on a pink background.
Intentional Touch
Receiving bodywork is also about the quality of touch that is being provided.  Not only is the human condition communicated with a person's tongue, or manner of speech, it is also, and perhaps more intimately, communicated with touch.  When applied properly, the provider's touch will soften the toughest, and what is often seen as the most brittle of all pain-producing soft tissues.  This intentional touch will leave the recipient's body feeling soft, supple, and fully relaxed while allowing the free flow of life force to return.  When applied haphazardly, without focus, or off-center, the provider's touch may prove itself to be as much as a distraction as the stress and anxiety that produced it.  When receiving bodywork, it's important to allow yourself to be, while receiving a quality, intentional touch for your own healing.

Trust What You Feel

Learning to trust the awakening process becomes a finite balance between your internal realities and external responsibilities.  Waking up is about trusting your own process and the choices that have been made to support them.  Waking up is also about being at ease within your body, and this requires us to have had the courage to allow ourselves to feel, those oftentimes very uncomfortable feelings, that our karmic conditions may predicate.  Learning to listen to the depths of our being, and feel from those places that we know to be true, can often loosen the somatic memories that are coming to us from previous incarnations.  While not everyone will have words for this process, and words are not always necessary, it's important to allow our awareness with its extrasensory perceptions to inform this progress.  Of course, not every memory is about trauma, although in this case, we're allowing ourselves to feel so that we may be better able to heal and from a place of soul-level memory.