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Warrior Healing

Honoring the Spirit

Honoring the spiritual warriors of Central America, especially the Eagle and Jaguar Knights of Aztec lore, Warrior Healing intends to help military veterans, and active duty service members, realign their awakened selves, with everyday life.  This simple and straightforward approach towards unifying the bodymind division helps the individual experience a spiritual truth, without the need of religious dogma, or formal chain of command.  And in a world filled with the mass consumption of violence, hatred, and fear, the spiritual warrior is encouraged to look inward, and confront the self with a discovery all of its own.

Beginning with an introduction to your totemic allies, and sources of personal power, we’ll begin working together to slowly unwind your body, and mind, from its physical indoctrination into the Armed Forces.  By connecting with these spiritual ancestors, first in non-ordinary reality, then in our waking lives, we begin expanding our awareness from a linear understanding of the self into more subtle levels of intuition that will, with time, develop into finely tuned clairvoyant abilities.  Working with these newly introduced allies and perceiving reality beyond the limitations of time itself, we can more easily retrieve fragmented pieces of the soul, long lost throughout the ages, or on the battlefield.  It’s from this vantage point that we begin to understand our previous incarnations, their relationships, those sources of loss, and how they are still affecting us, well into the present day.

Spiraling from the Centre

Beginning with a call to the four cardinal directions, including the sky above us, and the earth we walk upon, we'll draw upon the incredible strength of the ancestors’ lineage that we have so diligently learned to communicate with.  By honoring the wound and placing the warrior, with his medicine, in the center of an ever-evolving circle, we begin to harmonize with its energetic imbalance and reflect its inherent wholeness to the outer world.  Supported by his spiritual allies and tangible relationships on the physical plane, the now centered warrior begins to regain his balance and perspective in the world.  The sacred circle he called both nourishes and protects, while providing for a sacred space to work from, with its all-encompassing center serving as an energetic catalyst and inflection point for more inclusive healing work, with the larger community at hand.  From here we can begin to see how the healer serves the community, how the community supports the sage, and, in turn, sustains his livelihood.

Walking the Medicine Wheel

Following the written works of Joseph Rael and David Kopacz MD, we'll begin incorporating traditional indigenous values into the healing process.  Beginning with an earth-based connection into the different energies of the medicine wheel, we see clearly how past, present, and future ideations of ourselves merge into the present moment.  Reflecting the wound as it is, whether it be spiritual, physical, mental, or emotional, working with the medicine wheel will challenge our notions of where sickness derives from, and what good medicine really is.  This type of work also encourages a stronger relationship with your primary totems or power animals, and their relation to the hidden aspects of the shadow self — a tremendous source of spiritual potency, if one chooses to address their awakening in such a way.