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Sacred Syllable

Sacred Syllable

The Sacred Syllable is home to the creative, and phonological, exploration of interdimensional sacred sound, and one that is written primarily from the native tongue of American English.  This web-based mirror better articulates the immeasurable sounds and utterances coming to the audience from the world of Spirit, and into this world of flesh.  These messages emanate from an ancient tongue that lies not only beyond the veil of this world but is nestled comfortably into the next.  As awakened beings of light one of our responsibilities is to convey these messages with honesty, and without a preconceived notion of what they mean.

Ancient Tongue

This ancient tongue is as a gift from our Pleiadian ancestors and it serves as one of, if not their primary, forms of instruction.  Listening.  Listening, followed by doing, is what helped the Ancient Egyptians build their magnificent pyramids, or the Mayans with their exquisite calendar system, and is communicated through stone matter and telepathy.  This tongue, when used with sound and meaning, helps form the basis of all sacred texts, relative to their spoken language and geographical origin.

Sacred Writing

Sacred writing involves intuitively communicating with your spiritual allies and teachers, and then manifesting that message in the written word.  The written word serves as an analogy between the world of the Greys, and this world of humanity, and for nearly all of the world's prophecies, proves itself to be true.  The tongue, freely moving from one shape to another, while protecting itself from potentially evil sources of intention, allows a near-fluency across the spectrum of the world's languages, and also allows for a universal and linguistic application of the Sacred Syllable.  This helps to further strengthen its relevance to the audience and written prophecies alike.