A female deer standing in a meadow looking at the cameraman.

A Gateway to Other Worlds

Shamanism is an Earth-based spiritual practice that dates back to the beginning of time and is practiced in cultures from across the world.  Shamanism is also the basis for all modern religions, with its direct interaction with the Spirit-world to help with the living.  Practitioners of shamanism, or those that consciously work with the Spirit-world, are often called from a young age, initiated with an older shaman, and tested by spirits prior to beginning the work they have been called to perform.  To be called from the world of Spirit also means to experience extrasensory perceptions throughout one's life.  This ability to mitigate the world of spirit remains the hallmark of a person that has the ability and is trained to, transcend the realms of Spirit and flesh.

The responsibility of a shaman and spiritual medium includes the use of personal power in an ethical manner.  While mediums of either gender may be aligned with malevolent, or benevolent, spirits and forces of nature, the testing of a person's ability, integrity and authenticity are commonly performed with their non-physical teachers and allies.  These types of healers typically work closely with their families and spiritual lineages, while offering their work to the larger community at hand.  Not only does this spirit-based work include healing for themselves, and others, shamanism deals with spiritual forces that exist in both ordinary and non-ordinary realities.

This is the ability of a person that is called to work with Spirit — to act as a mediator between the spiritual and ordinary worlds and to maintain a harmonic balance between the forces of nature, humanity, and the communities they serve.  This is where our roles as co-creators will also influence the outcome, and often with positive results.  We use our time to connect with Spirit, in the broader sense of the term, and our spiritual allies in the intimate sense of the word, to access their knowledge and apply that wisdom in the transformation of lives, and for those that are seeking an authentic spiritual inquiry.

We can then repay that favor — often in the form of liturgy and ceremonial healing — for those sentient beings who are guiding our awakening process from both near and afar.

Shamanic Journey

Shamanism is traditionally identified with indigenous cultures and for many in the Western audience begins with learning the shamanic journey.  Shamanic journeying, most commonly experienced with the aid of rhythmic drumming, helps move the individual from an ordinary state of consciousness to an altered state of consciousness where they may then be able to communicate with their spiritual ancestors and sources of personal power.  It's in a safe, supportive, and healing environment, where one can visit with these allies, confer information, and return safely to ordinary reality for its use and integration.

When entering into the journeying process, we are engaging in a relationship with the unknown aspects of our primal selves and with the assistance of our spiritual ancestors, we are able to intimately connect with these sources of power.  While Spirit may reveal themselves as a plant, an animal, another human, an angel, or otherworldly being; we receive their guidance, and then apply that knowledge in the healing and awakening of others.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is when we consciously invite our ancestors into our hands and the healing process.  Working with our primary totems and sources of power, we are able to gently guide the process into a catalyst for change and transformative healing.  This type of hands-on work is not considered a separate experience from what you may have already encountered during a therapeutic bodywork setting; the difference is we are allowing and inviting our benevolent ancestors into the awakening process and asking for their guidance from the perspective of non-ordinary reality.  This type of healing is organic and open-ended and serves as a moment in time where our bodies are allowed to be, and with no distinct agenda or attachment to the outcome.

Shamanic Dreaming

Entering non-ordinary reality, Dreamtime, or the spirit-world is an aspect of being a person that moves fluidly with Spirit.  As a mediator between ordinary and non-ordinary realities, the medium is a conduit through which Spirit delivers healing, guidance, and in some cases, extraordinary visions.  While Dreamtime is accessible to all of us, it is the experienced traveler through worlds that has developed an ability, through practice, to enter into this space and with a luminosity which others may not understand, or be able to experience on their own.  It is in this state of awareness where the shaman journeys to, with you, or on your behalf to open the pathways to which we have become disconnected from.