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Therapeutic Bodywork

Eagle Crow is a Spirit-Centered business that intends to serve your local community online, in-person, or on the web of life.

In-person healing sessions with Ryan Michael will include the following:

Somatic Release

Craniosacral Work, Myofascial Release, and Thai Yoga Massage are closely connected and often work in unison, providing the person with a whole-body experience, and somatic release.  This gentle, non-invasive approach towards healing the whole person includes soft tissue pain management, combined with restoring the natural rhythm of the central nervous system, and specific energy work that's suitable for all types of bodies.

Shamanic Healing

Working with your non-physical allies, and spiritual teachers, this type of bodywork will help attune your inner landscapes with that of the natural world.  Shamanic healing will also help remove negative intentions, energies, and malignant beings from your body, as your soul continues its growth and journey into the netherworlds.

John Dreaming Crow

A form of conscious dreaming, John Dreaming Crow is a web-based mirror that will help you solve your spiritual dilemmas, and connect with ancestors from across all space and time.  Working with modern technology, pure dreaming energy and the power of sound, John Crow’s intent is to help you wake up, and without, for living a fuller, more energetic lifestyle.

Affordable Healing

Quality, affordable, healing, are hallmarks of any reputed practitioner.  Working with Spirit asks for integrity, listening skills, and a direct approach towards both the sacred and mundane aspects of the human body and consciousness.  In an effort to reduce the conflict between spiritual aspiration and economic success, Ryan offers his time based on what you can afford, and find value in.  There are no hidden tricks, you’re welcome to pay what you’d like based upon his recommended rate of a 75 to 90-minute appointment, at the cost of $145.