Why Good Hawk?

A stone sculpture of the falcon-headed god, Horus, located at the Temple of Edfu in Egypt.

Why Good Hawk?

Good Hawk is an aptly named alternative healing business that honors the royal lineages of Ancient Egypt, including the Egyptian Mysteries, and the pharaonic families of Isis, Osiris, and their son Horus with his defeat over Set.

While the word good is generally used in opposition with the word evil, in this case, we're using the word good as a symbolic replacement for the word gold and its nearly universal reference to God.

The Gold Hawk of Ra is a visual representation of the sun god Ra, as a source of healing power, while in the flight of a hawk, thereby inviting the presence of Horus into the embodiment of our life's work.

If you're also wondering about the Eagle Crow, this a sacred name that was given to Ryan from his spiritual ancestors and is used quiet often throughout his online work.  Not all crows are eagles, they said, and be sure to use it in your writing.